I am happy to announce MyStudio app.

We will have our own app that will give you many options.

If your membership is due, please log on, set up your account and pay.

Apple App Store and Google Play - MyStudio


Apple App Store - 


Google Play -  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mystudio.app Studio code - 2088633673

If your membership is not due, you will receive a personal email from me with a link to set up your current account and membership.

No memberships will expire nor are there additional costs.  Here are just a few benefits with this new platform/app:

1.  The app is only for IMA.

2.  I can communicate directly to all members with text.  Important if there is an unexpected change in the schedule due to weather or emergency.

3.  You can refer someone and I can reach out.

4.  You can email the dojo directly from the app.

5.  All memberships except for the punch cards are recurring and automatic.  This will reduce administrative work from my end with time.  With that I can manage the memberships as we grow without passing that on to the members.

6.  We can still take cash, credit card or check.

7.  Educational video will be available on the able.  Kata, drills, techniques.

8.  Special events will be available.

As you create your account, play with the app, please ask questions.

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