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Join us and learn basic Karate moves and how Karate can benefit you or your child.

Expires December 17, 2021


"Fitness with a Purpose"


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We understand children are deprived of physical activity due to COVID-19. Their pent-up energy makes sitting still for online schooling even more challenging. 



Our Karate classes help release this extra energy and give your children the discipline they need to focus.


We have been with IMA for 2 years and it's been a great experience! My son isn't interested in playing sports, so this is perfect for him. While he receives the interaction and exercise a typical sports team offers, he's able to work as a single person. The Sensei is professional and VERY patient with the students. We highly recommend IMA to anyone looking for the benefits a sport offers, while having the ability to work on yourself.                                           *Tami Parks

Sensei Steinwald is very good with kids and you can tell she has a lot of experience teaching karate. She keeps the class moving, fun, and creative for kids. She runs a happy and safe dojo for all the students. She is a skilled instructor that I trust with my son.                                                                                                                           *J. Lopez

Idaho Martial Arts has been an incredible experience for our son.  It has taught him many wonderful life lessons including leadership, discipline, focus and dedication.  He’s been a part of this dojo since he was three, took a couple years off and is now going full steam working towards his junior black belt.  He started the tournament team a few months ago and joined the Shogun class and his skills and abilities have improved exponentially.  This dojo is wonderfully positive and supportive - great cameradie amongst the students.  Sensei Steinwald is an amazing teacher and mentor and her instructors are excellent as well.                                                  *Susan Robertson

We started with one kid in Idaho Martial Arts about 6 years ago, and now we have 4 kids attending the dojo. Eva is SOOOO good with the kids. She knows how to teach them discipline and dedication while also making it fun. We LOVE what our kids get out of their experience there. They are growing into better people because of it.    *Aaron King

I highly recommend this dojo! My son trained here for 9 years and considers it his second family. The things he learned, both physical and mental, are priceless. Ms. Steinwald is great with all ages, from little mini ninjas to grown adults.

                                                                      *Allison Gilbreath

If you're looking for a place to teach your child not only karate but confidence, discipline and pride then Idaho Martial Arts is for you. My son has been attending since he was 6 1/2( he is now 16) and now he is one belt away from his black belt. He is also an instructor and mentor for the younger students. Steinwald Sensei treats every student with respect and makes IMA the best dojo in Eagle. You can't lose by taking your child here or taking a class yourself.

                                                                            *Carrie Riddick

I've been a teacher of martial arts for 25 years and have visited many different martial arts schools in the Pacific Northwest. Of all these years one of the most important characteristics you should look for in a martial arts school is the personality and quality of the teachers. Of course what they are teaching is important too, but whether you are an adult or a youth, if the instructor you are training under is un-friendly and/or inexperienced, your time with that school may be discouraging. This is definitely not the case with Idaho Martial Arts. They are teaching real Okinawan Karate in a very positive and enjoyable atmosphere that both Adult and Youth will enjoy. So as a teacher for many years and having visited many different schools over the years, I would highly recommend training at the Idaho Martial Arts school in Eagle, Idaho

                                                                              *Renshi George

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"Fitness with a Purpose"

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