Karate style taught is called Washin Ryu and was developed by Hidy Ochiai. Washin Ryu is most similar to the popular Japanese style Shotokan as they share similar Kata and Kihon. Empty-hand techniques are stressed in the development of an integrated self-defense style by including elements of jiujitsu and aikido.  

Our Lifeskill Curriculum is incorporated into our Traditional Japanese Karate Program to teach the student vital skills in becoming a better person. As martial artists we strive to be the best version of ourselves. To train hard and to train smart to be better than the person we were the day before.



Aikido is a defensive Japanese martial art that focuses on blending with and redirecting an opponent’s energy/attack rather than relying on strength or direct aggression. Aikido movements blend with an attacker's movement and lead to the attacker being pinned or losing balance.  Many Aikido techniques immediately affect an attacker's center or balance point while secondarily manipulating joints, further taking balance. Along with learning core principles of balance, relaxation during times of stress, proper breath, and posture students explore a way of harmony and non-resistance based conflict resolution.


Teaches the finer aspects of Okinawan weapons.  Master 6 different Okinawan weapons and earn rank in Ryukyu Kobudo.