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Shihan Eva Steinwald

Shihan Eva Steinwald is the head instructor at Idaho Martial Arts and earned the rank of 6th Dan in Karate Do in 2020. She has been training for almost 30 years and  has been teaching adults and youth of Eagle, Idaho since 1997. Shihan Steinwald is very passionate about Karate and passing on the knowledge and love for the arts.

Her martial art program at IMA has fostered hundreds of kids and adults in the area and focuses on traditional techniques and katas from Japan.  Recently she has expanded her program to include Tournament Training. This course is an additional class for students with a desire to push their abilities and those to enjoy competing in local and regional tournaments.

All IMA instructors participate in special classes concerning martial arts education, classes that address issues as the different needs of various age and social groups, adjusting the physical training to work around disabilities and injuries and training of the athletically superior students.


Grand Master
Bearg Hanshi Di,
9th Dan

TAI CHI Instructor


Chung Do Kwon Taekwondo - Rank 2nd Dan

Chief Instructor Steve Cheek and GM Yong Tek Chung 9th Dan


Ryukyu Kempo - Rank 3rd Dan

Chief Instructor GM Dan McKuskey 10th Dan


Hwa Rang Do, Master 4th Dan

Chief Instructor Gary Peace 7th Dan


Traditional Okinawan Karate - Rank and Title - Shihan 7th Dan

GM Dean Stevens 10th Dan


Shaolin Goju - Rank and Title - Hanshi Di Grand Master 9th Dan

Chief Instructor GM Lynne Dixon 10th Dan and Senior GM Charles Dixon 10th Dan.


Dong Family Tai Chi (Yang Style) – Certified Instructor Chief Instructor Master Alex Dong

Bearg 2.jpg

Sensei Kaari Wesh

Ms. Kaari Wesh started training in 1989 at the age of five. She studied Shudokan and Gosoku Ryu while living and growing up in Alaska. In 1996 she was awarded Shodan. By 2007 her instructor, Hanshi Charles Scott, prompted her to Yondan. 


Kaari has a passion for the arts and loves teaching people of all ages. Though she has moved frequently in life’s journey she is not afraid to start over. Ms Wesh also holds the following ranks:


Shodan in Isshinryu from Ash’s Okinawa karate in Bozeman, MT 2007

San dan in Gosoku Ryu with Soke Tak Kubota of International Karate Association in Glendale, CA 2016

San Kyu in Hojutsu with Soke Jeff Hall of Spokane, WA 2016. 

Kaari has cross-trained for numerous years in Kung Fu, Juijitsu and Aikido and Shito Ryu.

Ms Wesh has earned her Sandan with Shihan Steinwald at Idaho Martial Arts and is currently the coach of the Tournament Team that meets once a week.   

Should you be interested in joining the Tournament Team please talk to Shihan Steinwald. Tournament Team students must be in good academic standing and be a minimum of Orange belt. There is no age limit on joining, only dedication! 


Renshi Ron George

Ron George started started training in Tae Kwon Do in 1981 which led to his first, 1st degree black belt.    Later he started training in Shudokan Karate with the American Shudokan Association headed by Hanshi Morris Mack, Goshin Jutsu under the late Hanshi Walter Todd, and Yamanni Ryu Bojutsu with Shihan Toshihiro Oshiro.   By about 1993 he held a 2nd Degree Black belt in Karate and 1st degree black belt in both Jutsu & Bojutsu martial arts.

  Ron was an avid competitor in karate tournaments (8-10 every year) for over 15 years, at which, he consistently placed in the top 5 of his divisions and 1st place many times.

   Around 1998 training with Shihan Mikio Nishuichi in Kobudo (weapons) started and then opened his own dojo in Chelan, WA in 2001.  Later he founded the Washington State Kobudo Championship tournament.  About this time he was awared a 3rd Degree Black belt in Kobudo with the American Kenpo Karate & Kobudo headed by Kiyoshi Glenn Harmaning & Hanshi Clay Moss.

   In 2016 he earned a 6th Degree Black Belt in Kobudo & Karate under Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi.  Ron had Kidney Cancer surgery in 2017 and during recovery had a moment of clarity which kick started his Kobudo USA program which is running to this day.  

    Overall Ron holds three titles; Sensei (Instructor), Renshi (Master Instructor) and Kaicho (founder/CEO).   He has a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, a 1st Degree Black Belt in Goshin Jutsu, a 1st Degree Black Belt in Bojutsu and 6th Degree Black Belt in Kobudo & Karate.

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